Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Weekend News

Guess what I had a restful weekend!! On Monday it was the Queen' s birthday. She turned 81 years old and that is really old.

On her birthday we thought we can do something that we haven't done for ages. We went to see Kassie's baby. He was born on Thursday. We couldn't see him for ages because he had to go to hospital while me, my Mum and my brother Lee had to look after the house.

After that we got bored and hungry so my Mum made us some sausage rolls to eat.

Next we went back home.
I said,"it is good to be home".


James and Syris said...

Hi Nikki,
Your weekend sounds fun. 81 is really old! Were the sausage rolls yum?
From James and Syris.

Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Nikki,

I enjoyed reading your news. I like how you used different types of sentences - short ones, compound ones, and ones with speech. Well done!

Brooklyn said...

Hi Nikki

Wow! the Queens Birthday and sausage rolls they are really nice . Also you got to see a baby boy I wish I was there. When read that story it sounded fun plus the sausage rolls . Keep up the good work.

By Brooklyn

Lola said...

Hello Nikki

I like your story about your weekend.Mmmmmmmmmmmmm sausage rolls are my favorite I wish I was there.

keep up the hard work.

from Lola