Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Weekend News

Guess what I had a restful weekend!! On Monday it was the Queen' s birthday. She turned 81 years old and that is really old.

On her birthday we thought we can do something that we haven't done for ages. We went to see Kassie's baby. He was born on Thursday. We couldn't see him for ages because he had to go to hospital while me, my Mum and my brother Lee had to look after the house.

After that we got bored and hungry so my Mum made us some sausage rolls to eat.

Next we went back home.
I said,"it is good to be home".

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kashya's Earthquake Animation

This is Kashya's animation of an earthquake. She made this using kidpix and then turning her pictures into a slideshow. Well done Kashya!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jennifer's Earthquake Animation

This is Jennifer's animation of an earthquake that she made using kidpix.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Fridge

How exciting! Fa'afetai's family got
a shiny, new, silver fridge.

Is That an Earthquake?

I heard a story about earthquakes.

In the beginning my favourite part is when the twins were on their bed and they were shaking the house. It was not an earthquake.

Is that an earthquake?
No that's Dad snoring.

Is that an earthquake?
Yes that is an earthquake.
"Hurry get under the table", said Dad and the kids got under the table.

Then when the earthquake stopped the kid was still shaking. He was scared.

Pt England School Building and Alterations 2010

Report No 2

We went for a stroll to have a look at the Super Dental Clinic and the Hall alterations. By the time we got there it was spitting and we had to come back so fast.It was cold outside! Then we walked to the tunnel where there was no rain coming down.

We asked a builder some questions and he answered us back . The question we asked him was why was he sweeping the water in the trough away with the broom that he was holding? The water had been high before we went there. It became small because an electrc pump had pumped the water away. The water had risen with the high tide!

We quickly came back to class because it was still spitting so much.


Sarah retells Grandma McGarvey

Have you heard of Grandma McGarvey? Room 9 have been a read a story and this is Sarah's writing of what happened. Well done Sarah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Busy Day

Lesieli and her family had a
wonderful day of food and fun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Construction Site

On a rainy day Tame and the
class visited the construction
site to see the what was going

Japati's letter

Dear Mrs Tuala,
I have lots of news to tell you.
I got a "Bin It" Certificate and we have two new girls in our class.
Me and Johnson picked up rubbish around the whole field.
We went to the hall to do Jump Jam.

I am sure you will have a beautiful baby like you!
Love from

Sarah's Letter

Dear Mrs Tuala,
I have lots of News to tell you. 

Today we had junior assembly for Team 3. Some people got a certificate. Next we had a song. 

Then we had Jump Jam. Miss Lavakula worked very hard at Jump Jam. After that Miss Lavakula came to get some people to read their stories.

Love Sarah

Sebastian's Earthquake Animation

This term Room 9 have been working hard on their e-learning. They have been making animations of Natural Disasters. This is Sebastian's animation of an earthquake using kidpix. Well done Sebastian!

Layquita's letter

Dear Mrs Tuala,

I've got lots of things to tell you!
I can't wait for you to come back to Point England.  But I am very sad because you are coming back in November.

How is your baby and what is your baby like? Is it a girl or boy, because I like baby girls. I very miss you so much. My mum also wanted to know how your baby is. Is it going to be born on Sunday? My mum said she misses you very much and she said "What is it's name?"  She asked if it is a beautiful name. It will be cute to show the baby at school.

Love Layquita.