Monday, June 7, 2010

Kashya's Earthquake Animation

This is Kashya's animation of an earthquake. She made this using kidpix and then turning her pictures into a slideshow. Well done Kashya!


Lesieli said...

HI shya

i like your house that you made for as thank you vear much

keep it up you rock good girl

Nanna said...

Hi Shya,
Wow what a real looking house. You are so clever.I like the way you put the cracks in the house which looks like there is an earthquake. WELL DONE MY Kashya boo!!
I love You
Love Nanna *xxOxxxOxx*

Damien said...

Your house rocks Shya!!!

Love dad xo

Starford said...

Hi shya that was a cool animation about Earthquakes I like the way you moved your tree keep it up!!

Zion said...

WOW! Kashya
what a great animation you did and I like how you did all those cracks. I am looking forward to other posts on your blog.

Zion said...

WOW! Kashya
what a great animation you did and I liked how you did your cracks. I'm looking forward to other posts on your blog.

Dante said...

Hi Kashya you have a cool movie and I hope you have some more to show the world so they can look at it. Keep up the good work. From Dante

Iron said...

Hey Shya
I like your picture and your Animation about the EARTHQUAKE! and
I liked it even I liked watching about it.It was a realy fantastic video you did i liked it alot and thank you for puting it on
Rock Shya!!!.God bless you.

Love from IRON

Sela rm10 said...

Hi Kashya,
I loved watching your movie about your earthquake
animation.That looks wonderful.did you know that theres cracks in the foot path?.Lovely work Kashya.
From Sela

Dante said...

Hi Kashya again I just wanted to say that you have a great time making some more videos. Keep up the good work.

Teresa said...

Hi Shya

I like your animation about Earthquakes. keep up the great work.

Leslie's sister

lesieli said...

hi shya

i like your house it rock

i hop you have you hava a wonfull weekend with your family good luck

Jennifer F said...

Ki Ora Kashya,
It is me Jennifer.
I really like you Earthquake movie because it looks cool when it is shaking on the ground.

Keep up the good work my friend!!

By your best friend Jennifer.