Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Dinosaur Dream

Tame has been doing some really great writing lately. The following story is about an amazing dream he had the other night to do with one of his interests - dinosaurs.

I'm interested in dinosaurs because they are very cool. My best dinosaur is a T-Rex.
I had a dream that a T-Rex came to step on Room 9 and then it went to stomp on the Sky Tower.
After that an aeroplane was trying to shoot it! T-Rex smacked it in half. Then a helicopter came and chopped his head off. He fell on to his feet. The army came with a tank because T-Rex's family tried to smash the whole wide world and they did! The tank blew a fire ball at T-Rex's Mum and Dad. His mates were Trycerotops and a long necked dinosaur.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Captain Cook and the Pirate

On the first day of the term the teachers dressed up to represent Mighty Mariners. Read what Tame thought about it.

We had a Mighty Mariners Assembly. Mrs She dressed up like a pirate and Miss Burne dressed up like Captain Cook. I liked it because Mrs She was funny when she went on the stage. She was trying to stab Captain Cook with her sword.
By Tame

Under the Tables

Read about what happened to Hannah on Disaster Day when Pt England School pretended to have some earthquakes caused by a volcanic eruption in the sea.

Just now there was a shake and we all got under the tables. It was scarey. I was squashed. Mrs Maude was stuck. She could not find any tables because she was too big to get under the tables. It was a squash. I felt a bit sick and nervous . After the first shake we started reading. Suddenly we heard the second shake at 10.30. I had to duck down again.

Disaster Day

Today is a special day because it is Disaster Day. A real disaster is when there is a tsunami, an earthquake, a volcano erupts or a tornado spins around. We have a plan if this happens at Pt England.

I’m feeling excited and scared because it is disaster day. I feel happy because it is the most exciting day we have had. I am going to be very scared because it is going to shake. Just now there was a shake and we all got under the table. I got under the table. It was all quashed in there. It was scary! I felt a bit sick and nervous. I felt hunted. When the bleep went Mrs Maude could not get under the table because she was really big so we told her to get under a door frame. The bleep rang and we all had to get under a table. Then the bleep rang again and we got under the table again and then we watched the movie . The first shake was at 9.30 then the second shake was at 10.30. When the first bell rang we started reading in our reading groups. Suddenly we heard the second shake. It was a special announcement on PENN telling us what was happening out in the harbour. After the announcement we went back to reading. Lucky we weren’t dead.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Building Report

Room 8 visited the building site to see what progress had been made with the building project. Read Kashya's progress report.

This morning we went for a walk to see the super duper Dental Clinic. It was different because the builders put the floor on. I saw the floor half done.
Then we went to the hall and I saw a man with a broom. He was in the hall sweeping. I saw an electric pump. The man told us that the pump was getting the water out. I could hear the pump, pump, pumping.