Friday, June 4, 2010

Jennifer's Earthquake Animation

This is Jennifer's animation of an earthquake that she made using kidpix.


Lesieli said...

Hi jennifer

i really like your Earthquake Ainmation i like the way you ade the trees

keep it up jennifer you rock

Anonymous said...

Hi jennifer that was a very good animation about Earthquakes and I like the way you broke the house and moved the tree.

IRON said...

Hey Jen
I like your Animation about your
realy cool Earthquake!!! and it looked fantastic when you did it on
kidkik when it showed on the T.V I
liked it movieing and it moied alot
but I sill like it.

Kashya said...

Hi Jennifer

What a great animation you have done for the rock!good girl Jennifer keep it up.I am looking forward to see more of your work on room 9's blog.than you so much for puting it on room 9's blog.
From Kashya