Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pt England School Building and Alterations 2010

Report No 2

We went for a stroll to have a look at the Super Dental Clinic and the Hall alterations. By the time we got there it was spitting and we had to come back so fast.It was cold outside! Then we walked to the tunnel where there was no rain coming down.

We asked a builder some questions and he answered us back . The question we asked him was why was he sweeping the water in the trough away with the broom that he was holding? The water had been high before we went there. It became small because an electrc pump had pumped the water away. The water had risen with the high tide!

We quickly came back to class because it was still spitting so much.



Zion said...

Hi Iron
I liked your story about your report. I liked how you did your details too. Keep up the good work.

Zion said...

Hi Iron
I liked how you did your report on writing. Keep up the good work Iron.