Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Dinosaur Dream

Tame has been doing some really great writing lately. The following story is about an amazing dream he had the other night to do with one of his interests - dinosaurs.

I'm interested in dinosaurs because they are very cool. My best dinosaur is a T-Rex.
I had a dream that a T-Rex came to step on Room 9 and then it went to stomp on the Sky Tower.
After that an aeroplane was trying to shoot it! T-Rex smacked it in half. Then a helicopter came and chopped his head off. He fell on to his feet. The army came with a tank because T-Rex's family tried to smash the whole wide world and they did! The tank blew a fire ball at T-Rex's Mum and Dad. His mates were Trycerotops and a long necked dinosaur.


Kalim said...

Hello Tame. Now that was one jam packded account of the movie you watched. The T-Rex sounds very destructive. It's great to see you writing about these amazinly strong creatures. Keep up the good work.

Miss Lavakula said...

Kia Ora Tame,
That was a great piece of writing that you wrote about a dinosaur because you've added lots of detail. My favourite dinosaur is a Triceratops and an Anklyosaurus. Well done and keep up the great writing.

From Miss Lavakula

Chante said...

Wow Tame,that was a great dream you had and I have to agree with Kalim that was a jam packded dream.keep up the great work.


Kashya said...

Hi Tame
You have very scary dreams!!!Are you scraed at night??? (No or Yes)Keep up the good work and the good writing Tame!!!
from Kashya

Kashya said...

Hi nice writing Tame
From Kashya

Beni said...

Awesome writing Tame i like the way you Described the way about your dinosaur T- rex.

Zara and Anetema said...

Dear Tame,
Imagine if it was real, it would be so scary! We are glad it was only a dream.
From Zara and Anetema.

Tau said...

That was good about T-rex and the Trycerotops in the army.

beni said...

Hi Tame

What a very interesting Writing i would try running away from a monster beast The T-rex.
He would eat and destroy everything in his way but lucky you'r Amazing story was awesome
Keep up the good work Tame