Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self Portraits

In Art this term we have been focussing on Self Portraits. First we practiced many times pencil drawings of our face. Next we used a black felt to go over the outline then we coloured in our self portraits with crayon. Finally we dyed the background. We had alot of fun creating our Self Portraits. Please check it out and leave a comment of your thoughts of our beautiful art work.


kelseypitcher said...

Hello Room Eight

I have just viewed your 'self portrait' video and thought that your artwork and art skills were excellent, well done! I liked that as a class you used different drawing tools, paid great attention to detail (especially your eyes, ears, nose and lips)and kept to drawing on the line.
Your portraits are all wonderful they look great I love the different colours, keep up the good work room 8 :)

Kelsey Pitcher
(University of Canterbury student)

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Room 8. I really enjoyed watching your movie on PENN, SchoolTV and again here on your blog. Your artwork great! I love that I get to see these every morning now in our corridor. Keep up the good work Room 8, I'm looking forward to the neat work you'll be sharing in Term 2.