Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Messages to the people of Christchurch

Room 8 have been deeply touched by the Christchurch disaster. We have written some messages of support and love to the people of Christchurch. Our movie begins with a message from Seepa who has moved to Auckland from Christchurch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 8 :-)

I am a University of Canterbury student studying primary teaching.
I have just watched your message of support to us here in Christchurch.
It has been such a sad time for us all down here but looking at your video made me feel so grateful that we have such special friends all over NZ.
We are doing okay and trying to be very positive - support each other - love each other.
Thank you for sending us your love and support.

Tabitha xx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
What a great resource you have creating all your interesting work for us to view. I am a Canterbury Student training to be a tewacher so am really interested in schools use of the web etc...YOu are all stars, how neat to see all your smiling faces too. I love your earthquake animations, they are awsum. I hope when I begin teaching I can have fun using all this technology too. Keep up the great work team Teresa xxx

Frank said...

That was so sad for the people of christchurch. I wish the people would be safe from now on.

Litia Rm 17 said...

Hi Room 8,

That is so sad for Christchurch, isn't it? I hope everyone recovers and can start re-building that wonderful city. My mums parents live in Christchurch and luckily they were safe. All of you are so nice, I'm sure everyone that watches this movie will feel a bit happier afterwards.