Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Trip to Ambury Farm

On Tuesday 29th March, the team 2 classes at our school went on a trip to Ambury Farm. The weather was lovely and warm, and we had a fantastic time learning about farm animals. We had to remember to use 'The Pt England Way', like using our manners, putting our rubbish in the bin and walking sensibly around the farm. Here is a slideshow showing some of the cool things we did and saw. At the moment we are working on our recount stories of our farm trip, so watch this space. Please enjoy, watch and leave us a comment about our trip to Ambury Farm.


nardia_eden said...

Hi Children of Room 8,

I have just been viewing your slide show of your trip to Ambury Farm it looks like you all had a wonderful time as your photos are full of smiles. I loved the photos of your class patting the massive pigs =)

I am glad to see that you all followed 'The Pt England Way' and also all hat your sun hats on.

I am looking forward to viewing the rest of your class page.

Nardia Eden
Student at Canterbury University training to be a Primary School Teacher.

Casey said...

Great work guys. I reall love your wor. Keep it up.

sarona said...

hi room 8 I really like your video you made that was cool and the best video you made that was cool how I saw the cow the cow looked tan . I really like your video you made .

Esrah T said...

great work trinty for tilkinq to us trinty

Iron said...

Hi Rm 9,
Really like the story of you going to the farm it amazing. Who help you write the story? You guys are really good at making movie that is a very cool movie. I could not even stop watching that movie.

From Iron