Thursday, August 4, 2011

TJ's Recycling animation

Here is TJ's Recycling animation that he made in Term 2. Keep up the good work TJ!


kalo said...

Hi TJ,

keep up the great work TJ, I am so proud of your work. You are a big boy now.

Love Mum

Tyler p said...

Hi TJ . My name is Tyler P I THINK YOUR movie is cool keep it up from Tyler p

ilalio said...

hi i really like your video about Recycling. Keep up the hard work up.

Lesieli said...


You got a coool movie . I love your drawing . Keep up to good work

Iron said...

Hi TJ,
I really like your animation you've put on the blog. Are you an artist like your sister Laita? Laita is a very good drawer you know. You just draw like her.

From Iron

Jordenne said...

Wow! TJ,

I really loved your story about the recycling bin. I loved your animation.
Your class learns about lots of exciting ands good things. I hope you work hard and also keep it up!

Belle said...


Very good work on the animation, keep it up.