Friday, August 26, 2011

Room 8's movie: The Haka

Room 8 are fans of the famous New Zealand All Blacks. They have created a movie about the 'Haka' - which is an important ritual for the All Blacks before matches.
Watch and be entertained by the clever kids from Room 8.


ilalio said...

I really like your guys haka 1 day you will become a rugby player. also you guys might play for the All Blacks. Keep up the hard work.

Tyla-Marie Rm14 said...

Hey room8, that was good information about the haka and Te Rauparaha. You boys were so good maybe even better than the All Blacks.

Hope I get to see more of your guys movies. Tino pai to mahi keep up the good work.

From Tyla-Room14

Ms Glaze said...

Wow Room 8 your really are amazing performers! Such high energy. I learned a lot about the haka too. Thank you. :) Ms Glaze

Shanika said...

Dare room 8 i like the movie.The Haka was cool

Jorja said...

Hi room 8
I really liked your movie of the haka.It was very interesting and entertaining.
From Jorja

Kashya said...

WOW!!! Room 8 what a awesome movie. My favorite All Black is Dan Carter. I hope the All Blacks do good at the Rugby World Cup! Keep up the amazing work room 8.

From Kashya

Gloria said...

Hi Room 8,
LOVE YOUR MOVIE!!!! I like how the boys did the pukana!! How did you know most of the haka? We know some of it but we hardly practice it. Keep up the good work!!!


Brooke said...

Hi Room 8,

That movie was awesome and you guys are really good at doing the haka I hope to watch more of your Movie

From Brooke

Belle said...

Hello Room 8,
that was a very interesting movie and you guys were very good doing the haka.

Seini-Mino said...

Hi Room 8,
What a FANTASTIC movie. I like the cool looking pukanas. I hope some of the boys will be doing the Haka at Eden Park in future when they play for the All Blacks! Good job room 8!
From Seini-Mino