Friday, July 23, 2010

Under the Tables

Read about what happened to Hannah on Disaster Day when Pt England School pretended to have some earthquakes caused by a volcanic eruption in the sea.

Just now there was a shake and we all got under the tables. It was scarey. I was squashed. Mrs Maude was stuck. She could not find any tables because she was too big to get under the tables. It was a squash. I felt a bit sick and nervous . After the first shake we started reading. Suddenly we heard the second shake at 10.30. I had to duck down again.


Vivienne said...

Hi Room 9,
Wow that was great writing. That was funny when you siad Mrs Maude was stuck. That was scary aswell how it started shaking. I wonder if anyone got hurt? Just jokeing. Anyway keep up the great work.

Isara said...

Hi Hannah

That was a great story I realy liked how you explained you felt sick.
keep up the good work.

By Isara

Tau said...

That was a good story about the earthquake and about Miss Maude that she couldn't table she might have to find a bigger one.