Monday, April 19, 2010

Leslie in Hollywood

Last term we had to say farewell to one of our students in Room 9, Leslie, who was travelling to the USA. We miss her a lot however she has her very own blog so we can keep in touch. Please click on her link on the sidebar and check out what she's been up to so far.


Awhina said...

Hi Lesley

i am very sorry you left. But you know what your gonna have millons of fun going there and being there. you are a very illtelligent person and i thnk you will be like your sister play all sorts of things.

Russell Burt said...

Hi Leslie

What a ton of fun you're having! I enjoyed reading your writing and I'm looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

Keep up the great work.

Chanel said...

Hey Leslie
Im soooo jealous of you up there with your family having a great time! Hope you have been good and had so much fun, please stay in touch with us so we know what you have been up to. Oh and did the dolphin do any flips or any tricks, Ha ha ha

By Chanel

Aneisha said...

Hi Leslie,

I hoppe your having a good time at Hollywood.
So sad not having you and your sister
around.I hope to hear from you and your sister because we miss you so much. I can't wait to hear about your next adventure, bye for now and take care on your hoilday. I will see you when you get back. Say hello to you sister
for me!

By Aneisha

Litia Rm 15 said...

Hi Leslie,

Wow, what a cool time you are having in America. You are so lucky.I wish I was you. I hope you can keep putting posts up for us to see. Have a great time in America.


layquitah said...

Hi leslie
i miss you so much and i wish you will came back to new zealand .i just want you to be safe in a
america .And your to sisters and your whole family.And have a gret time in america.

sarah said...

Hi Leslie
I like you'r pichies from sarah

sarah said...

HI Leslie
holle leslie i miss you a lot pease

Oshania said...

Hi Leslie

I wish you could come back do you want to come back? I'm show Teresa wants to come back. You a so LUCK?