Friday, April 23, 2010

Active Earth

This week we have learnt some interesting facts about our topic Active Earth.
Listen as Jonson shares with you what he had learnt and enjoyed this week.


Miss Walker said...

Hi Jonson, You sound like you had an interesting time this week. I liked the way you explained about what you did.

Sela said...

Hi Jonson,
I like the way you told me what you did in room 11
for topic.What did you learn there?
From Sela in room10@PT England

Bishop said...

Hi Jonson
I liked the way you spoke and clear. What did you do in the other classrooms?

By Bishop

Alex said...

I liked your speakig because it was clear. By Alex

Anonymous said...

Good reading, well done Jonson from your Mummy

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Jonson - good reading - from your Dad

Tiane said...

Sup Jonson, its Wally T here.

Stay cool, always.