Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sione's Mihi in Maori

This is Sione's Mihi in Maori. Listen as this is Sione's first post for the year.


Toreka said...

Hello there Sione! I loved listening to your mihi. You must have worked very hard on it. Was it hard learning it? I don't think I would be able to do this well. I am not that good at speaking in Maori. Maybe you could teach me?
Great Work!


Joshua said...

Hi sione,
I really like your Mihi. You tried your best and it was alright because you are only a year 3. Keep trying hard to accomplish your goal.
May be you could practice alot don't you think?
You can visit my blog too!!!
got to Pesjoshuav.blogspot.com/

Thanks. By Joshua( Rm 17 )

Katie Allsup said...

Hey Sione,
My name is Katie, I am in EDM 310 class with Dr. Strange at the University of South Alabama. Can I just say you did amazing with your Mihi! Maybe one day you can teach me! Keep up the great work, Sione!