Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kashya's Mihi in Maori

This is Kashya's Mihi in Maori. Listen as this is Kashya's first post for the year.


Angellina said...

Hi Kashya
I liked listening to your mihi in Maori. I can't wait to see you next movie.

From Angellina.

Nanna said...

Hi Shya,
You did so well with your mihi. You are a good speaker and I love you.
I love you
Nanna xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Kiaora Kashya

Very good Mihi you did well good girl love you

Mum xox

Damien said...

Hello darling,

Oh you did such a great job. Better than dad ever done at maori =) You are so pretty and doing so great at school. Keep up the good work.

Love Dad xo

Iron said...

Hi Kashya
you had a nice voice in your Mihi in mori.You rock
Kashya keep up the good work.

Hannah said...

HI shya
WOW that was cool and you rock keep up the good work

layquitah said...

Hi kashya
I like the way that you said your mihi It was a
fantas mihi keep IT up

layquitah said...

HI kashya
tino pai rawa. you were so confidend doing your
mihi.you spoke very clearly.

nikita said...

Hi kashya
I like your mihi it,s lovely and beautiful iswell.I really love it. I like your big snile. It,s lovely and beautiful. keep up the good work kashya you rock kashya. you
form nikita