Monday, November 16, 2009

Food Glorious Food

This term we are learning about Celebrations around the world. Our topic is called Food, Glorious, Food and our focus question is, "What foods can we celebrate with?"
Last week one of our awesome parents (from India) came into Room 9 to demonstate how to make Barfi-a delicous milk sweet. We had alot of fun watching her cook.
Have a look at our movie about our yummy food experiences. They're fantastic!


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Wow Room 9,
Your movie about making barfi is fantastic and very informative. How nice was it to have a mother come in and show you how to make a foods that is special to her culture. I am very impressed with your animations, they were great. You have been working very hard with your e-learning!! Great job and well done.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there Room 9. How lovely that you had the chance to learn from an expert! This would have been such a good experience, I wish I was there! I love to eat Indian sweets. Jorja from your class came and gave me some after school on this day - and your post is correct - it was delicious! Keep up the good work, I hear another parent spent time with you making some more yummy treats. I'm looking forward to reading about that soon.
Mrs Tele'a

Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi Room 9,
It is so cool that you could have a parent come in and share about their culture and the food they eat. Are you going to have other people come in and share? Food sounds like a yummy topic to study!
From Amy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room,

What a cool movie to have muhumed and his mum
come in that looked nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room,

What a cool movie to have muhumed and his mum
come in that looked nice.
From Lola

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great cook your mum is Muhumed and room 9 your the best keep up the good work.
From Heather

Anonymous said...

Dear Room9 and Miss tuala,

What a good movie that was the food looks good.

Brookie said...

The barfi treat looks very yummy. Thanks for the instructions. The post was very easy to understand keep up the good work.