Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to Room 9 at Pt England School

We are learning to write a recount about our school picnic at Pt England Reserve. Come and check out our fantastic movie.


Manaiakalani said...

Kia ora Room 9
Welcome to blogging!
I am so pleased that you have started a blog to share your fabulous work you are doing. This movie is so very cool. I couldn't believe what good writers you are and how clearly you speak. I notice some pretty talented graphic artists amongst you too.
I will be back to see what else you have done
Mrs Burt

Rocky said...

Wow , what a great recount. I love the way you have used a mix of music, voice, photos and illustrations to make your recount informative and exciting. Thanks for sharing this on the world wide web.

Tracy Olorenshaw said...

The presentation is fanastic...I love the way you have looked at the process of writing and incorporated music, voice, photos, illustrations to make the recount attractive and make others want to see what you have done. I noticed some awesome language used too to describe what you got up to.
Thanks for sharing

Justine said...

Kia Ora Room 9
At my school we are learning about recounts too. I like the way you used time words to start some of your sentences like first, then, next, later, after that, finally. I also liked how you finished with your feelings. Well done. I hope to come and visit your school one day and read your stories first hand. The movie was great, well done for helping Mrs Tuala with this Room 9.
Keep up the great writing
Mrs Driver

Anonymous said...

Kia ora Room 9
Your movie is a wonderful record of your picnic - what a lot of fun it must have been. I can understand why your recounts are so detailed and well put together - you really got into it.
Well done everyone.

Mr K

Mrs McGhie (Keamac) said...

Room 9, your video is absolutely outstanding! I learnt so much about your picnic by watching it. Your recounts were really interesting. I agree with Mrs Burt, you all spoke so clearly that your recounts were easy to understand. I love all the wonderful digital art work I saw as well. My Year 3 class have been learning to write recounts too. I can't wait to share your video with them tomorrow. Keep up the hard work.
From Mrs McGhie

Anonymous said...

Room 9, I showed your blog to my class of Year 5 and 6 students in Papamoa. They really liked your introduction, the change of camera angles, the different photos and the music. My class thought that you must have been very quiet while everyone had their turn recording. I loved your recount- you all certainly sounded like you had lots of fun at your picnic. I agree with Mrs Burt, you are good writers and talented artists. Miss B (Tahatai Coast School)

Mr Norrish said...

Hi Room 9,
I thought your recount was great. Trips to the beach are always heaps of fun, but it looks like you had some added extras that made it extra special. You're very lucky to have a school so close to the water! Your video blog was very engaging with the shared storytelling, pictures, music and video. Keep up the great work!
Mr Norrish (Selwyn Ridge Primary)

Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Room 9,

I really enjoyed watching your movie about the picnic. We certainly had a wonderful timedown at the Point that day. Your recount made me remember all the things I did.
I'm looking forward to hearing about all the other experiences you will be having this year.
Love from Mrs Jarman

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 9,
I enjoyed watching your movie. I became very excited when I saw some of my last year's Room 5 children in your movie. Good work, Mikaiah and Mosa etc-. Its like seeing my own movie when I saw your faces.
Mrs She.

Mubasshira said...

Hi Room 9

I really liked the way you said "we are learning to write a recount" Because that tells me clearly what you are doing. I think maybe next time you could speak a little louder because I just could not hear some people talking but you people have a really nice voice.

Thank you