Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yummy Ice cream by Angela

Tuesday 21th of may 2013 

Last Friday After lunch we had PSI on computer 6 and we were watching the science
Experiment investigations First they got a cup  then the man put the cold Liquid in the
Cup .After that  the man put some dry ice in it and some smoke came out of the
Cup.The scientist   was wearing protective glasses .Then the man put the milk in the
Mixer next thing the man put the got the cup of dry ice  and liquid into the mixer
It turned into a ice-cream on Friday the ice-cream we ate was the Mars bar
The mars bar is Light brown and it tasted like chocolate Milk it was delicious 
and yummy.  Later on room 8 ate the banana  chocolate chip it was bright
Yellow the little tiny things was the dark brown chocolate chips.

By Angela

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Miss Lavakula said...

It sounds like your experiment was a delicious one Angela. Keep up the wonderful writing. Your class is so lucky!

From Miss Lavakula and Room 13