Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to Room 8 in 2013

Welcome back to Room 8 in 2013.  I hope you have had a fantastic and awesome holiday break with all your family and friends.  This year is going to be really exciting, so make sure you keep checking our blog to keep up with all our cool learning.  Here is a short movie of the beautiful faces in Room 8.


Aroha Haami Bidois Taka said...

Room 8 Class is tino ataahua (very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi room 8

This is a loveley video that you made my cousin jamin is in this class thank-you for making this video

Rave said...

Hello New Room 8,
I really enjoyed your movie including the theme song. But next time you can add some other photos.

Well Done Kep Up the Good Work
Rave Room 16

Anonymous said...

Hi room 8 Your movie was great keep up the good work and I love! It tell your teacher that she is the best ok room8.Keep up the good work room 8.from Samoa