Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bigger, better, stronger, faster

This term our whole school topic is called, Bigger, better, stronger, faster!. It is a technology unit and team 2 are focussing on recycling in our school. So far we have had so much fun, learning about different materials and sorting out recyclables. Keep visiting our blog to find out some of the exciting learning we'll be doing this term.


martha said...

I love your movie I not reconcile like
you do.keep up the cool work you are doing

sisilia said...

Hello room 8 I really like your movie that was a cool movie

sarona said...

hi room 8 i really liked your video you made it was the best video I ever herd . and I like how you put some words in the rubbish .

mele said...

Hello room 8 i like movie about bigger better faster stroger thanks for showing me.I hope I see more on your blog bye.

bye mele