Saturday, May 1, 2010

Volcano Fun!

Imagine you are a Volcanologist. (A person who studies volcanos and their behaviour). Check out these cool activities and games, that will teach you more about Volcanos.

Singalong to the volcano song.
Have lots of fun.


Sela in room 10@ PT England said...

Hi Room9,
I like that song about a vocano eruption because it sounds cool.Thank you all for sharing.
From Sela

Isobel said...

Dear Room 9,
I like you movie because it had a real picture of a volcano erupting. I also like your music.
From Isobel.

Anetema and Matalena said...

To Room 9,
We like your movie because it is cool and interesting.
From Anetema and Matalena.

Nathan and Ernie said...

Hi Room 9,
We like your song because it is catchy. We liked watching the volcano erupt. It looked cool.
From Nathan and Ernie.

Juanita and Charlotte said...

Dear Mrs Tuala,
That was an interesting and cool movie that you put on your blog. We liked the music because it sounded good and the movie was cool because we liked watching the volcano erupting. It looked real and it made us remember when we studied volcanoes last year.
From Juanita and Charlotte in Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

cezar said...

hi mrs tuala
i like the song you made i can not wiat to see your anthor song.
keep it up.
from cezar

Iron said...

Hi Mis Tuala
how are you? are you feeling beter at the hospital
are you going to like it when you will have a baby
we miss you so much.

From Iron and Kashya.

Iron said...

Dear Mis Tuala
room 9 realy mis you are you having a fantastic time tere?. love God bless you.

Love from Iron.

Iron said...

Dear Mis Tuala
the hole school went in the hall to see Iron Brion he was so funy.

Love Iron.

Shirquera said...

HI Room 9
Room 8 loves your new movie because it is about volcanoes.
Love from Shirquera and Room 8

Anonymous said...

Hi room 9 I like your movie.

Antonia Room 8

Chyna said...

Hi room 9

I like your movie because room 8 dances to it.

Chyna Room 8