Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Justus's Prince Charming fairytale

In Writing we are focussing on narratives.  Here is a fairytale Justus created on his own.  Well done Justus!  I liked the way you presented your characters with a lot of expression.  Keep up the great work.


Miss K said...

Justus, you gave me a fabulous giggle at the end of the day.
What a funny story with funny voices too.
Well done using Puppet Pals to tell your story.
Miss King

Korobeau said...

Hi room 8.
I really liked your story about Prince Charming and the Princess getting killed by the Dragon. But the way your voce wasn't clear?
From Korobeau

justus said...

hi justus its tom you have lost of cool things in your miove .by tom

faioso said...

Hey Justus I like the way you made a movie about fairy tales it was a funny fairy tale you made I like to see lots of movies from you by Faioso.

mum said...

Once upon a time there was a happy family...Justus this tale made me laugh! I love the way you use a range of tones and expressions in your storytelling voice! Your animated story telling captured my attention right to the end. Well done Justus.
Alofa tele mo oe, o mum

Katareina said...

Hahaha that was so funny Justus I hope you make another one.